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Dr. Carol Hutson Garland

Dr. Carol Hutson Garland (TN '93)


At the time of the Award, Dr. Carol Hutson Garland was:

Glendale Middle School
Nashville, TN

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"My philosophy of education is that all students/teachers should have the opportunity to become more than they ever hoped to be," says Carol Hutson Garland, principal of Nashville's Glendale Middle School. Dr. Hutson Garland sees it as both her personal and professional duty to help people in every facet of the educational process implement positive decisions. Her openness to new ideas, together with her belief that "things don't just happen," makes for an inventive and energetic approach to leadership. Glendale Middle School now has several In-service programs that she initiated. "Sessions on team-building and on building self-concept are generally designed for the faculty and staff to promote personal and professional growth. Some of the ideas generated in these sessions can be extended to the classroom for student development." Dr. Hutson Garland dreams of founding a school with the appropriate resources and technologies to "enable students to become productive adults." She would like to develop an educational program that privileges productivity and provides the skills for students to adapt to a changing world.

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1971 State University of New York - Fredonia, B.A.

At-risk Students