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Dorothy (Felicetti) Helsel (IL '90)


At the time of the Award, Dorothy (Felicetti) Helsel was:

Wilson Elementary School
Chicago Heights, IL

Biographical Information

Described as being an enthusiastic general manager, head coach and cheerleader, Dorothy (Felicetti) Helsel's accomplishments as principal at Wilson School are well recognized. Although most students come from low income families, Ms. (Felicetti) Helsel can boast that her students perform among the best in the district. Her tireless efforts generate increased family involvement, community support and teamwork among her staff. She is quick to publicly recognize a student's success, and counters failure with reassurance and encouragement. During her four years as principal, Ms. (Felicetti) Helsel has been helping teachers and students in the words of a local newspaper to "beat the odds."

Personal Message