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Desse Davis (GA '93)


At the time of the Award, Desse Davis was:

Swainsboro High School
Swainsboro, GA

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"Education is an ongoing process that needs the support of total communities," says Desse Davis, principal of Swainsboro High School in Swainsboro. A school's likelihood for success, according to Mr. Davis, follows directly from the involvement of all sectors of the community. Mr. Davis is currently involved in "implementing a High School That Works program to improve the individual performance of students in both general and vocational programs of study." For Mr. Davis education is an experiential and fluid process - " it cannot always be merely taught," he says. "You develop it and it develops you. You help to create it in others by good example." Mr. Davis believes that education is more a question of an ineffable give-and-take than a question of specific guidelines. It is a way of life based on trust, caring, and commitment. All of Mr. Davis' professional dreams will come true when "all young people, in school all over the world, are able to reach their potential without the fear of drugs or violence or anything that may threaten their well-being."

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Fort Valley State College, B.A.