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Dennis Wulf (IA '99)

Assistant Professor of Practice

Iowa State University

At the time of the Award, Dennis Wulf was:

Norwalk Middle School
Norwalk, IA

Biographical Information

Dennis Wulf is superintendent of the Norwalk Community School District. During his tenure, he oversaw the construction of a new attendance center for eighth- and ninth-graders and has implemented staff development that emphasizes action research and empowerment of classroom teachers. Previously Wulf was principal of Norwalk Middle School in Norwalk, which he transformed into a model institution that attracted frequent visitors from Iowa and the surrounding states. He introduced a wealth of technological resources to Norwalk, including computers in every classroom, a computerized curricular module system, and a connection to the Iowa Communications Network. Wulf adopted a full-inclusion policy, resulting in 95 percent of the school's special education students attending regular classes. When the school lacked funds for a middle-level staff development program, he helped create one by collaborating with a group of middle-level principals from six area districts. He also instituted a mentoring system for first-year teachers.

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1979 University of Iowa, B.S.