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Debra (Battle) Roper-Corbett (WV '92)


At the time of the Award, Debra (Battle) Roper-Corbett was:

Ranson Elementary School
Ranson, WV

Biographical Information

Born into a family of educators, Debra (Battle) Roper-Corbett is principal of Ranson Elementary School in Ranson, where in 1991 she created a program called Providing Academic and Self-Esteem Support - P.A.S.S. The program, designed to respond especially to those students needing extra encouragement and support, both academic and emotional, has already proven beneficial to many students at Ranson Elementary School. Although Ms. (Battle) Roper-Corbett's leadership skills, humor, direction and tactful administrative style have created a positive and productive environment for both students and staff, she credits much of her success to the strong relationships she has developed with parents, children and teachers.

Additional Information


1980 University of Toledo, B.A.