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David Roach

David Roach (WV '93)


Cabell County Board of Education
Huntington, WV

At the time of the Award, David Roach was:

Beverly Hills Middle School
Huntington, WV

Biographical Information

David Roach, principal of Beverly Hills Middle School in Huntington, attributes his decision to pursue a career in education to his upbringing. His parents, who had the "utmost respect for teachers," raised all four of their children to become educators. "Our parents nurtured in us the respect for learning and the need to share it with others," he says. Mr. Roach believes that "all teachers must guide, individualize, and specialize instruction so that all students will learn." The first peer literacy training program to be conducted in West Virginia was initiated at Beverly Hills Middle School. In an effort to promote the "whole language movement," Mr. Roach has implemented a school-wide writing across the curriculum program and an award-winning reading program. Mr. Roach subscribes to the belief that "it takes an entire community to educate a child." Parents and community are encouraged to be full partners, and Mr. Roach invites them to join in the "work that will make a difference for children."

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Marshall University, B.A.