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Dan Honeycutt (NC '95)


At the time of the Award, Dan Honeycutt was:

Triton High School
Erwin, NC

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Under the leadership of its principal, Dan Honeycutt, Triton High School in Erwin is in the process of introducing a number of major reforms that will be put into effect for the 1996-97 academic year. The current traditional six-period class day is being rescheduled as a four-period class day, for example, and the school year is being restructured as a concentrated study semester program. Mr. Honeycutt is leading his staff in an intensive program of professional development activities in the areas of inclusion, cooperative learning and interdisciplinary teaching. In an effort to better prepare high school graduates to join the staffs of new industries in the county, Mr. Honeycutt continues to work with faculty and prospective employers in shaping instruction to better meet the needs and demands of the workplace.

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1972 North Carolina State University, B.A.