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Conwell Duke (MS '97)

Deputy Superintendent

Pontotoc City Schools
Pontotoc, MS

At the time of the Award, Conwell Duke was:

Pontotoc Junior High School
Pontotoc, MS

Biographical Information

Conwell Duke, principal of Pontotoc Junior High School in Pontotoc, has created many opportunities for his students to develop their talents and interests. In Ed-U-Link, for example, he has created and implemented a technology program for eighth-graders that has become a model for the state. Mr. Duke also created an award-winning choral group at Pontotoc through a program called FAME (Fostering Art and Music in Education). Many of his curricular changes, such as separating English literature and language instruction, have dramatically improved student test scores. In 1993, Mr. Duke's work earned Pontotoc Junior High a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence Award.

Additional Information


1973 Mississippi Valley State University, B.A.

Academics, Assessment, Self-esteem, Class size, Math, School Finance, Cooperative Learning, Inclusion