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Dr. Clifford Davis, Jr. (TN '01)

Chief of Staff

Knox County Schools
Knoxville, TN

At the time of the Award, Dr. Clifford Davis, Jr. was:

Cedar Bluff Middle School
Knoxville, TN

Biographical Information

Principal Clifford Davis has made high expectations and student achievement a shared vision at Cedar Bluff Middle School in Knoxville. To combat poor writing performance, he introduced the Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program's writing course. Thanks to this program, which incorporates writing across the curriculum, student scores have risen to 91 percent proficiency. Mr. Davis recently implemented an individualized intervention program for students struggling in reading and mathematics. At the University of Tennessee's school of education, he lectures on the principal's role as leader. As a member of the Tennessee Association of Middle Schools executive board, Mr. Davis works with school boards, other education professionals and policymakers to expand the professional resources available to middle-school teachers statewide.

Additional Information


1987 Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University, B.S.