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Chris Ormiston

Chris Ormiston (TX '05)

Science Coordinator


Subject(s) taught: Physics, Chemistry

At the time of the Award, Chris Ormiston was:

Boerne High School
Boerne, TX

Subject(s) taught: Physics, Chemistry
Grade(s): 11, 12

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Whether they're in Argentina working with scientists to collect and analyze data from an immense glacial lake, or competing in an Aerospace Industries Association rocketry challenge, science teacher Chris Ormiston's students never know what spectacular opportunity he will get them involved in next. With the goal of making students not only literate in science but passionate about it, Mr. Ormiston engages them in active and lively investigations that fuel a desire to learn more. His influence has extended beyond his classroom and school. As the district's science lead teacher, he developed a capital improvement budget that included significant upgrades to science facilities throughout the district, including labs, laptop computers and probes for collecting data. Many of his students have pursued physics and engineering as career choices and former students often cite him as the teacher who made the greatest difference in their lives. Describing his job as "an amazing experience," Mr. Ormiston has said of his students, "As they learn, I glow!" His students would probably agree that the glowing is mutual.