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Cheris Bass

Cheris Bass (KS '02)

Assistant Principal

Edwardsville Elementary School
Edwardsville, KS

At the time of the Award, Cheris Bass was:

Edwardsville Elementary School
Edwardsville, KS

Subject(s) taught: General Elementary
Grade(s): 4

Biographical Information

At Edwardsville Elementary School in Edwardsville, fourth-grade teacher Cheris Bass implemented a structured, classwide peer tutoring system for spelling and reading that has resulted in increased scores. She has modeled this strategy for the entire staff at Edwardsville and has presented it to student teachers at St. Mary College. Mrs. Bass has also effectively implemented the MAPS (Mark, Analyze, Problem, Solution) system to teach problem-solving in math. A district trainer in TRIBES (a program to help students feel included and work as a community), she helps other teachers learn how to promote good behavior in their classrooms. She wrote and received a grant that allows staff to meet as a team to create curriculum maps integrating the fine arts. Mrs. Bass is a member of the school's Writing Committee and is building representative for the district's Curriculum and Assessment Council.

Additional Information


2000 University of Kansas, M.S.