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Charmaine Tinker (OH '92)


Medina Middle School
Columbus, OH

At the time of the Award, Charmaine Tinker was:

Sherwood Middle Regional Alternative School
Columbus, OH

Biographical Information

"Charmaine Tinker is principal of Sherwood Regional Alternative Middle School in Columbus. The school concentrates on the disciplines of math, fine art, and science. Ms. Tinker has developed the Science on Saturday Program, "S.O.S.,'" to expand students' knowledge and build their confidence. Ms. Tinker has established the eighth grade "promotion night" for parents and students, sixth grade camping trips, and an annual spring arts and concert festival. "I believe that knowledge is power," says Ms. Tinker, "and as a professional educator, I will continue to foster those attributes most needed for my students to lead wholesome, successful, and productive lives."