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Carroll Johnston (NV '95)


At the time of the Award, Carroll Johnston was:

Green Valley High School
Henderson, NV

Biographical Information

"I provide leadership for staff and students with the ultimate goal of providing the "best learning environment" for each student," says Carroll Johnston, principal of Green Valley High School in Henderson. For Mr. Johnston, the best learning environment today means providing students with appropriate technological experiences. To this end, he created the Green Valley High School Technology Committee. The Committee has been responsible for the development and implementation of a technology plan that includes school-to-work programs, workshops and in-service programs for staff as well as the installation of a school-wide communications network. The Committee is also working to establish a county-wide network of classrooms with the local library to serve the county's entire student community. Mr. Johnston has also been instrumental in forging an active partnership with parents and community members. Over 400 parents are currently involved in the school's daily operations.