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Carolyn Carbage (TN '92)


Woodstock Elementary School
Millington, TN

Subject(s) taught: Emotionally Disturbed or Behavior Disorders

At the time of the Award, Carolyn Carbage was:

Germantown Middle School
Germantown, TN

Subject(s) taught: English/Language, Reading
Grade(s): 4

Biographical Information

"I am an educator because of my sincere love for children and my deep interest in their well-being," says Carolyn Carbage, a fourth grade language arts teacher at Germantown Middle School in Germantown. Ms. Carbage maintains a highly motivating and challenging classroom by incorporating traditional teaching practices with innovative techniques designed to respond to the needs of her diverse student body. Dedicated to supporting both the academic and emotional needs of her students, Ms. Carbage was named West Tennesse Distinguished Teacher of the Year in 1992.

Additional Information


2000 Jacksonville Theological Seminary, Ph.D.