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Dr. Carol Hodanbosi (OH '95)


Barberton City Schools
Barberton, OH

Subject(s) taught: Biology, Physics (H) and Regular, Math: Geometry (H) and Regular, Algebra II, (H) and Regular, PreCalculus (H) and Regular
Grade(s): 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

At the time of the Award, Dr. Carol Hodanbosi was:

Barberton High School
Barberton, OH

Subject(s) taught: Computer Science

Biographical Information

Dr. Carol Hodanbosi was a coordinator for the Success in Math Program at Cleveland State University. It is a program that encourages college students to take math courses and stay in Ohio. She also worked with NSF STEM scholarship students at the university, organizing speakers to talk to the students about their field. She taught pre calculus math classes and also traveled to several inner city high schools to communicate with math teachers in the Cleveland area. Dr. Hodanbosi was K-12 educational program manager for six years at the National Center for Space Exploration Research on Fluids and Combustion, where she developed curriculum products and activities based on microgravity research on the Space Shuttle and the Space Station. At Barberton High School, where she was a high school physics and mathematics teacher, Dr. Hodanbosi developed a "Super Computing Course," providing students with opportunities to explore computer technologies through the use of multimedia and the Internet. She also assisted her students in the planning and building of a small subsonic wind tunnel that was used for classroom problem-solving activities. She was assistant professor of instructional resources and microcomputing at the University of Akron and director of education technology at Milken Community High School in Los Angeles. "Students need to know that a computer can be used as a scientific tool, and not just as a word processor or a game- playing platform," said Dr. Hodanbosi.

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1967 University of Akron, B.A.