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Bruce Graham (CA '93)


At the time of the Award, Bruce Graham was:

San Lorenzo Middle School
King City, CA

Subject(s) taught: Music, Band
Grade(s): 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

Biographical Information

Bruce Graham currently teaches two concert bands and a jazz band part-time at King City High School. Previously he taught music at King City Union Elementary School District in King City. Throughout his own educational formation, Mr. Graham had the good fortune of meeting many inspiring and dedicated teachers. His college trumpet teacher, Newell Dayley, helped Mr. Graham emerge from a difficult period in his life with a restored belief in himself and his abilities. This particular experience made Mr. Graham realize the magnitude of the "impact a teacher can have on the lives of others." A teacher in today's society, he believes, must play a role that encompasses the same kind of support and concern shown to him by his own teacher. Teachers, in his opinion, are there to extend a "helping hand," a necessary hand, on which much can depend. Mr. Graham is currently working on a joint student and community original musical production of his own composition. This project refelcts his wish to be part of a community where "music is not only an important part of education, but also a source of community pride."

Personal Message

I have had a great opportunity in this small community to teach two generations of children music. Being a teacher has been great and I have loved it for the past 36 years. I believe that music can be an asset to a community and to a school. A good music program gives a brightness to a school, even those not involved in the performing groups. Simply put "it changes lives." Know the kids, know the parents, know the community, then your subject matter can reach them and inform them and it will be meaningful.

Additional Information


Brigham Young University, B.A.

Music Programs, Assessment, Cooperative Learning