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Brian Young (LA '07)

At the time of the Award, Brian Young was:

Martin Behrman Charter School
New Orleans, LA

Grade(s): 6, 7, 8

Biographical Information

During the time of the Milken Educator Award presentation, Brian Young was a master teacher at Martin Behrman Charter School in New Orleans. As an outstanding educator in one of the first New Orleans schools to open after Hurricane Katrina, Young made enormous contributions to the city's renaissance. 

He is currently the principal. In this role, Brian Young helps both students and teachers in grades 6-8 find success through effective learning. 

When he was a master teacher, Young worked with Behrman's most challenging students, engaging them in hands-on activities using cooperative learning structures and problem-solving strategies. These helped him differentiate lessons for each child's individual needs. He helped low-scoring students increase their academic achievement by as much as two-and-a-half grade levels within a single year, using data to drive instruction, reinforcing positive student behavior, and constantly researching and field-testing instructional techniques to improve student achievement and teacher proficiency. Young developed into a "teacher of teachers" who modeled best practices and inspired colleagues to try new or difficult methods of reaching their students. He was the school's grade-level chairperson and served on the Leadership Team, the School Improvement Team and various other committees. He uses these skills in his role as the school's leader to continue to move everyone forward.

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1988 Southern University - Baton Rouge, B.A.