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Betty Campbell

Betty Campbell (OR '91)

Graduate Education Intern Supervisor

Lewis and Clark University

At the time of the Award, Betty Campbell was:

Boise-Eliot Elementary School
Portland, OR

Biographical Information

Betty Campbell is principal of Boise-Eliot School in Portland. She credits collaboration among students, staff, faculty and community with the success of such projects as the creation, out of a 28-acre weed patch, of the Columbia Student Wildlife Arboretum. As a result of her efforts to increase parent involvement in her school, almost 99 percent of her students' parents regularly review their children's academic progress. Ms. Campbell has also secured financial support from the business community to establish the Jeanette Crawley Scholarship Fund, which will provide a college education for those Boise-Eliot fifth-graders who meet certain rigorous requirements when they are ready for college. In 1991, Ms. Campbell received the Reader's Digest American Hero in Education Award.

Additional Information


1964 Taylor University, B.A.

Parental Involvement, Business Partnerships, At-risk Students, Attendance, Community Involvement, Community Partnerships, Desegregation, Diversity, Early Child Development, Environmentalism