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Betsy Bunte (GA '01)


At the time of the Award, Betsy Bunte was:

Campbell High School
Smyrna, GA

Subject(s) taught: English/Language

Biographical Information

Language arts teacher Betsy Bunte expects her students at Campbell High School in Smyrna "to master the lesson's material … but also to respond to it personally." Drawing from her own experience, she transforms critical thinking activities into adventures that incorporate persuasive writing, dramatic arts and cooperative learning. Mrs. Bunte's students are motivated to elaborate and express themselves (even to the point of standing on their desks to shout out their favorite lines of Emerson) and have garnered many academic awards. Although primarily an International Baccalaureate faculty member, Mrs. Bunte also team-teaches a class for special needs students. She leads many professional development programs, mentors beginning teachers, serves on school committees, and works for the Cobb County Governor's Honors Program. Mrs. Bunte is also a motivational speaker and a leader in community service efforts.

Additional Information


1968 Wesleyan College, B.A.