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Barbara Stephenson (VA '99)

Reading Coach

Greensville Elementary School
Emporia, VA

At the time of the Award, Barbara Stephenson was:

Greensville Elementary School
Emporia, VA

Subject(s) taught: General Elementary
Grade(s): 1

Biographical Information

In her first-grade classroom at Greensville Elementary School in Greensville, Barbara Stephenson creates a structured, loving environment where young children develop the critical core competencies and confidence they need to carry them successfully through their school careers. Miss Stephenson is a dedicated teacher who combines careful planning and sensitive instruction with a lively curiosity and an enthusiasm for children and learning. She constantly updates her knowledge and frequently incorporates new practices into her classroom. A teacher mentor for the past eighteen years, she was responsible for co-developing all of the county's curriculum guides. Miss Stephenson's classroom is typically the first in the school to be visited as a demonstration site.

Additional Information


1979 Elizabeth City State University, B.S.