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Anne Alpert (CT '92)


Side by Side Community School
South Norwalk, CT

At the time of the Award, Anne Alpert was:

Columbus Magnet School
Norwalk, CT

Biographical Information

"I'm an educator because I want to try to change the world," says Anne Alpert, a teacher of fifth graders at Columbus Magnet School, a humanities core school in Norfolk. A recipient of the Education Policy Fellowship Program in 1990 for Connecticut, Ms. Alpert feels this is the decade of reform in the field of education and that teachers are the key to change. "Public schools are the life-blood of this country," she says, "and teachers are the life-blood of the public schools." In 1992 Ms. Alpert was a member of the only teacher team to successfully apply to the New American Schools Development Corporation program to design innovative new schools for a new generation. A finalist among 700 applicants, her team's design delineates a curriculum focused on teaching the work ethic. Ms. Alpert admires her colleagues and shares their desire to make the most of their roles as the teachers of tomorrow's leaders.