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Anitra D. Woodard (CT '04)

At the time of the Award, Anitra D. Woodard was:

Annie Fisher Elementary School
Hartford, CT

Subject(s) taught: General Elementary
Grade(s): 3

Biographical Information

Third-grade teacher Anitra D. Woodard integrates reading, writing and mathematics into all of her subject areas at Annie Fisher Elementary School in Hartford. She uses Shakespeare for Kids books and adds rhythmic word chants and visuals to expand student learning. Ms. Woodard has created a Portable Word Wall, where students record their learned vocabulary words. She participates in a cultural identity program called Images that is meant to help students break racial barriers, and has initiated a program to teach students about democracy, in which they voted on such issues as whether or not students should wear uniforms. Ms. Woodard is the lead social studies teacher at her school, a master mentor and a member of Teach First Group, which is designed to improve reading strategies for students. Ms. Woodard volunteers with after-school clubs as well as with the Guide Right Program sponsored by Kappa Alpha Psi.