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Angela Mansfield

Angela Mansfield (MN '02)

COMPASS Program Manager

Minnesota Department of Education
Roseville, MN

At the time of the Award, Angela Mansfield was:

Hall Elementary School
Minneapolis, MN

Subject(s) taught: General Elementary
Grade(s): 2

Biographical Information

When Angela Mansfield began teaching second grade at Hall Elementary School in Minneapolis, she set a goal to increase the reading level of each of her students by at least one grade level. By the end of the school year, the data showed that students had achieved this goal. Among her strategies is to individualize take-home packets for her students and to keep precise records on their progress. She also ties classroom lessons to the real world. For example, she and another teacher developed a math/measurement lesson using a cutout of a basketball player; the lesson was followed by a visit from an actual player. She has presented at district-level workshops for first-year teachers in balanced literacy for primary grades and has been an on-site presenter of behavior management strategies.

Personal Message

I believe that literacy is the key to unlocking the “Achievement Gap” and that guiding teachers to effective, research based literacy and assessment practices will make this happen. My classroom and leadership experience combined with my graduate school focus in literacy education has prepared me to pursue advanced leadership positions in my field, as well as influence and guide reform in education. My professional objective is to demonstrate my strength and success in literacy instruction, classroom management, and leadership skills, by effectively promoting reflection, change, and continuous improvement in literacy instruction at the classroom, school and district levels. • Experience in conducting, interpreting, and analyzing a variety of literacy assessments • Knowledge and application of current theories and research in literacy and instruction with connections to comprehension, writing, and technology • Success working with diverse adult and child learners • Excellent repertoire of classroom management strategies and skills as well as effective literacy instruction strategies and skills • Ability to break down difficult concepts and differentiate instruction to meet each learner’s individual needs. • Demonstrated leadership, collaboration, and coaching skills at the school, district, and out of district levels. Specialties: Lesson design, professional development, literacy instruction, reading

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1995 Franklin & Marshall College, B.A.