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Andrew M. Skopp (PA '05)

B.C.I.T - Digital Literacy Tech / Co-School Technology Coordinator

Northeast Community Propel Academy
Philadelphia, PA

Grade(s): 5, 6, 7

At the time of the Award, Andrew M. Skopp was:

Austin Meehan Middle School
Philadelphia, PA

Subject(s) taught: Computer Science
Grade(s): 6, 7, 8

Biographical Information

Future robotics engineers will likely look back on their technology teacher Andrew Skopp and remember the tremendous impact he had on their lives. They will remember his leadership as co-captain of the school's robotics team and the award he helped them win last year for Most Outstanding Robotic Design. They will remember his annual Summer Robotics Institute. Most of all, they will remember what they learned from his engaging method of teaching, and how much fun they had learning it. Future chess champions will probably remember him too-particularly the year 2005, when he helped them win first, second, third and fourth place in the citywide chess tournament. Regardless of what the future holds for his students, they will undoubtedly never forget the strong curricular background he provided for them and the technological skills he helped them develop. With over 1,000 students under his tutelage each year, Mr. Skopp is one outstanding teacher who is likely to be remembered far and wide. Mr. Skopp has also written grant allowing Austin Meehan Middle School To receive $1000's of dollars in funding to help support programs ranging from literacy to math, science and technology. Updated 6/21/21. Exactly 20 years ago I started out at Austin Meehan middle school. With our school closing next year, I am honored to be able to say I will be 1 if 2 digital literacy leaders for about 2100 students.

Personal Message

Although our life is shaped by our experiences growing up it does not define who we are. Even those of us with the most Unmemorable of childhood can go on to great things. I am humbled to be part of this Foundation, I hope I can help further as many careers and serve as many teachers and students as I can throughout my career.

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Additional Information


2011 Computer BCIT (Business Computer Information Technology Certification)

K-12 ESOL Specialist


2006 City Of Philadelphia - Teacher of the year finalist (1 of 10 in the city) and West Chester University Educator 500 for years 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, Tens of thousands of dollars in grants for the school - most recent $20,000 PLTW

K-12 ESOL Content Specialist

Leadership Skill, Professional Developments, Ability to teach Middle School for 22+ years and counting, former dean of students, Title One compliance monitor school level, School leadership team, Grant writing