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Amy Biasucci (NJ '03)

At the time of the Award, Amy Biasucci was:

Cranford High School
Cranford, NJ

Subject(s) taught: Environmental Science, Marine Science, Biology/Life Science
Grade(s): 11, 12

Biographical Information

At Cranford High School in Cranford, New Jersey, Amy Biasucci uses technology to provide her environmental science, marine science and AP environmental science students with rich, inquiry-based, hands-on learning opportunities. On any given day, her students can be found videoconferencing with the Environmental Protection Agency, the Atlanta Zoo or third graders in a town 30 miles away. Enrollment in environmental science classes has tripled since Biasucci joined the faculty, and students' grades have increased since she began integrating technology into her curriculum. Her students use laptop computers to access real-time scientific data through the Internet, such as live ocean video and satellite-fed world migration tracking data for whales, seals and turtles. Biasucci has taught inquiry learning and strategies for integrating technology to teachers throughout her district, including workshops on using handheld computers. In collaboration with fellow Milken Educators Matt Walsh (IN '03) and Nader Twal (CA '03), Biasucci pioneered ELEVATE (Enriched Learning Experiences via Applied Technology Education), a multidisciplinary project that enables their students to learn together across vast distances via videoconferencing. Since the implementation of the program, these three educators' classes have "met" together for one period each week, exploring science, English, philosophy and other topics of common interest in their virtual classrooms.

Additional Information


2018 Montclair State University, Masters in Molecular Biology

1994 Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, B.S.