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Amelia Marler (NH '05)

Special Educator / Social Studies Teacher

Goffstown Area High School
Goffstown, NH

At the time of the Award, Amelia Marler was:

Lead Teacher
Goffstown Area High School
Goffstown, NH

Subject(s) taught: Social Studies, Psychology
Grade(s): 11

Biographical Information

Amelia Marler currently works at Goffstown High School in the Special Education and Social Studies Departments. In 2005 she was honored as a Milken National Educator for the state of New Hampshire. At Goffstown High School, Amelia is very active in promoting school improvement. She works with administration to create and communicate programs that further literacy and align to state standards. In 2009 she earned her certification in Special Education and began to case manage special education students.. She has been involved in curriculum development for social studies throughout her career. Amelia worked on the New Hampshire Social Studies Curriculum Frameworks revision committee in 2006. In 1998 she co-authored a curriculum for co-teaching World History and Language Arts while working at Hillsboro-Deering High School. This curriculum focused on the alignment of literature with World History curriculum and skill development at the 9th grade level. Project based assessment was central to the curriculum. Since that time Amelia has worked on curriculum revision at Goffstown High School. Her most recent involvement was in changing the American Studies program to a thematic approach with more of a focus on reading and writing skills. The course was redesigned around the common core standards for history. Amelia Marler truly believes that all students can learn, no matter what their ability level. Using finely honed assessment skills, she determines which teaching methods are best for each student and then modifies her lesson plans accordingly. Students and staff look up to Ms. Marler because she models impeccable integrity. Colleagues share that she is always fair and upfront and that her contagious passion for the teaching profession often re-energizes the teachers that she mentors.