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Alona Leininger

Alona Leininger (IN '96)


At the time of the Award, Alona Leininger was:

Akron Elementary School
Akron, IN

Subject(s) taught: Reading

Biographical Information

"When children need help in reading, they come to my classroom," says Alona Leininger, a Title I reading recovery teacher at Akron Elementary School in Akron. Determined to help build the self-esteem and reading skills of all students, Mrs. Leininger took on the challenge of developing the most successful reading program possible. The Title I Rainbow Readers' program that she developed at Akron Elementary School proved so successful that it became a Title I model. In her Title I classroom, Mrs. Leininger uses computer technology, hands-on activities and "buddy reading" to prepare students for the following week's regular classroom lesson plans. Through Title I, she has also implemented such events as parent workshops on computer-assisted reading and an annual Title I awards program. As a master teacher in her community and her district, Mrs. Leininger has generously lent her expertise to professional committees and individuals alike.

Additional Information

Reading, Remediation

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