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Albert Winston (NC '94)

Executive Director

School Planning Services
Charlotte, NC

At the time of the Award, Albert Winston was:

Hidden Valley Elementary School
Charlotte, NC

Biographical Information

The principal of Hidden Valley Elementary School in Charlotte, Albert Winston, wants his school to "work for all children." To advance student achievement in the areas of basic literacy and computer literacy, Mr. Winston has helped implement several "instructional delivery models." "Formula Three," a reading program now in effect at Hidden Valley Elementary School, is designed to "improve reading fluency, as it teaches the processes of high-level thinking skills." Mr. Winston also favors the "school within a school multi-age configuration, which helps students become self-directed learners." Emotional, social and educational elements all figure in Mr. Winston's understanding of a well-rounded education; academic excellence is only significant, he believes, when it is accompanied by a sense of tolerance, of social responsibility and of emotional generosity.