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Adela Coronado-Greeley

Adela Coronado-Greeley (IL '94)


At the time of the Award, Adela Coronado-Greeley was:

Inter-American Elementary Magnet School
Chicago, IL

Biographical Information

Adela Coronado-Greeley teaches third graders in the bilingual immersion program at Chicago's Inter-American Magnet School. Together with her husband, other educators and several parents, Mrs. Coronado-Greeley created the first bilingual immersion program in the Chicago Public Schools system in 1975. The Inter-American Magnet School model that followed from this effort has been replicated in nine other Chicago public schools and has been the object of national and international attention. "English-speaking and Spanish-speaking students are grouped heterogeneously and content is taught in one of the two languages," explains Mrs. Coronado-Greeley. By using cooperative learning methods, she encourages all her students to develop their skills both as learners and as teachers. The Illinois State Board of Education has recognized Mrs. Coronado-Greeley as an Illinois Teacher of the Year for 1994.

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1970 Rogers , B.A.