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Abby J. Dupke

Abby J. Dupke (AZ '01)


Dobson High School
Mesa, AZ

At the time of the Award, Abby J. Dupke was:

Dobson High School
Mesa, AZ

Subject(s) taught: Social Studies
Grade(s): 11, 12

Biographical Information

Social studies teacher and department chair Abby Dupke introduced the Center for Civic Education's "We the People... The Citizen and the Constitution" program to Dobson High School in Mesa. Taking a unique cooperative learning approach to the program's curriculum, Ms. Dupke engages students in an in-depth study of the U.S. Constitution, culminating in competitive hearings that her students have twice won at the state level. She serves on the board of directors of Arizona Close-Up, based on the national program that allows students to learn about government by visiting with political leaders, attending seminars and developing action plans for involvement in government. Ms. Dupke has trained colleagues on using Supreme Court Cases to teach history and government and has facilitated a workshop for police and probation officers on law-related education.

Additional Information


1987 University of Arizona, B.A.