Award Notification: Jennifer Smith (CA '13)

Featured in this video:  Jennifer Smith (CA '13)
Tustin, CA   |    Nov 20, 2013
Pioneer Middle School

“Shocked” STEM Teacher Jennifer Smith Receives 2013-14 Milken Educator Award

Teacher Jennifer Smith of Tustin, CA had “no idea” before the surprise schoolwide assembly that her life was about to change. Watch what happens when Lowell Milken and the Milken Educator Awards team teach the students of Pioneer Middle School an invaluable lesson in the value of a teacher by surprising Jennifer with a $25,000 prize. What gets Jennifer excited about teaching science every day? Is she having an impact? Listen to what she and her students have to say.

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  • Image for Cheryl D. Watkins (IL '08)

    Each time I hear Lowell Milken speak about the recognition of educators, like he did at your reveal, I get even more excited to do the work. Thank you for your commitment to teaching science and to fostering a love of teaching in your students. Your students were so complimentary about your work that you have to know that your impact will be felt across generations. Congratulations to you!

    Posted by Cheryl D. Watkins (IL '08), 01/01/2014 (8 months ago)

  • Image for Gary Arneson

    Jen: Mom & I are so proud of you that words cannot express it. Way to go, Milken Educator of the Year for California!!

    Posted by Gary Arneson, 12/21/2013 (8 months ago)

  • Image for John

    Way to go! My son John is in your class and is so inspired to be a part of Stem. You are such a great teacher. Thank you for caring so much about your students:)

    Posted by John, 11/21/2013 (9 months ago)

  • Image for Jane Fung

    Congrats Jennifer! Welcome to the CA Milken Educators!

    Posted by Jane Fung, 11/20/2013 (9 months ago)

  • Image for Nancy K

    Congratulations Jen! Wow! You deserve it! Enjoy the moment :-)

    Posted by Nancy K, 11/20/2013 (9 months ago)