Meet our amazing Milken Educators—from the first recipients of 1987 to the latest 2014–15 honorees.  Read their bios, view videos and pictures from notifications and other events, and get in touch with them to learn more.

The 2014–15 Milken Educators

Ernie Adkins profile Dr. Ernie Adkins
(WV '14)
Michael Baum profile Michael Baum
(PA '14)
Nicole Castile profile Nicole Castile
(TN '14)
Julie Cleave profile Julie Cleave
(OR '14)
Tracy Espiritu profile Tracy Espiritu
(NJ '14)
Melonee Ginn profile Melonee Ginn
(SC '14)
Angela Harvala profile Angela Harvala
(MN '14)
Jessica Karll profile Jessica Karll
(MO '14)
Karen Krantz profile Karen Krantz
(WA '14)
Desi Nesmith profile Desi Nesmith
(CT '14)
Anthony Petrelis profile Anthony Petrelis
(MA '14)
Erin Quinlan profile Erin Quinlan
(RI '14)
LeeAnna Rabine profile LeeAnna Rabine
(SD '14)
Angie Sigmon profile Angie Sigmon
(NC '14)
Jessica Tsoufiou profile Jessica Tsoufiou
(OH '14)
photo 116 Jenna White
(AK '14)