Meet our amazing Milken Educators—from the first recipients of 1987 to the latest 2013–14 honorees.  Read their bios, view videos and pictures from notifications and other events, and get in touch with them to learn more.

The 2013–14 Milken Educators

Kena Allison profile Kena Allison
(DC '13)
Sarah Berndt profile Sarah Berndt
(WI '13)
Andrew Cook profile Andrew Cook
(NM '13)
Shana Davis profile Shana Davis
(SD '13)
Marielle Emet profile Marielle Emet
(RI '13)
Luis Espinosa profile Luis Espinosa
(FL '13)
Sarah Franko profile Sarah Franko
(OH '13)
Ginger Giessler profile Ginger Giessler
(IN '13)
Katie Graupman profile Katie Graupman
(ID '13)
Kristi Grooms profile Kristi Grooms
(SC '13)
Erin Hodges profile Erin Hodges
(AR '13)
Mark Julien profile Mark Julien
(MI '13)
Michelle Kay profile Michelle Kay
(HI '13)
William King profile William King
(KY '13)
Brad LeDuc profile Brad LeDuc
(KS '13)
Melissa Leisner profile Melissa Leisner
(IL '13)
Jose Martinez profile Jose Martinez
(CO '13)
Mark Miazga profile Mark Miazga
(MD '13)
James Moonan profile James Moonan
(MA '13)
IMG 4445condensed2 Meghan Nese
(PA '13)
Jennifer Olewnik profile Jennifer Olewnik
(AL '13)
Tobin Schultz profile Tobin Schultz
(MO '13)
Katie Sedore profile Katie Sedore
(VT '13)
Mike Sinclair profile Mike Sinclair
(SC '13)
Jennifer Smith profile Jennifer Smith
(CA '13)
Tracee Thompson 4 Tracee Thompson
(MS '13)
kevin winters profile Kevin Winters
(TN '13)
TopCroppedImage300400 Kevin Witte profile Kevin Witte
(NE '13)
Molly Yerkes profile Molly Yerkes
(AK '13)