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Linda Adamson

Linda Adamson (MD '94)


Jessup Elementary School
Jessup, MD

At the time of the Award, Linda Adamson was:

Mayo Elementary School
Mayo, MD

Subject(s) taught: General Elementary
Grade(s): 5

Biographical Information

The fifth graders that Linda Adamson teaches at Mayo Elementary School in Mayo "get up in the morning eager to come to school so they can find out what crazy thing Mrs. A is going to do next." Mrs. Adamson is glad to know that she has sparked their interest. Believing that the relationship between the educator and the parent is crucial to the academic success of the student, Mrs. Adamson has established the Parents' Academy-a series of evening and weekend sessions to familiarize and involve parents in their child's school experience. In the area of professional development, Mrs. Adamson has conducted numerous workshops on curriculum reform at the national and international level. She is also an education consultant and advisor for an adult literacy program to benefit the Mayan community of a rural area of Guatemala.