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Dr. Woody Ziegler (NE '96)


Learning for the Future
Waco, NE

At the time of the Award, Dr. Woody Ziegler was:

York Elementary School
York, NE

Biographical Information

Dr. Woody Ziegler is co-director of Learning for the Future, Inc., in Waco, which he has operated since 2005 with his brother and fellow Milken Educator, Dr. Robert Ziegler (NE '98). To assist teachers seeking strategies for meeting the challenges in their classroom, the Zieglers have developed the Educator's Virtual Mentor ( This Web-based program features video clips of award-winning teachers demonstrating more than 50 teaching practices, as well as articles written by the Zieglers summarizing each of the instructional strategies. Previously, Dr. Ziegler was co-principal of York Elementary School in York, where he helped to secure more than $750,000 in technology grants and business partnerships for the school. Dr. Ziegler was also an assistant professor at Doane College, teaching educational leadership at the graduate level. In 2001, Dr. Ziegler was named co-director of the Nebraska Leadership Talks Technology Academy (LTTA). Funded through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, LTTA sought to raise the profile of technology as an administrative and instructional tool. Dr. Ziegler was also a technology integration specialist for the Nebraska Department of Education (NDE) from 2002 to 2005.

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1995 University of Nebraska - Lincoln, B.A.

Computers, Grant Writing, Interdisciplinary Instruction, Internet, Reconstitution, School Construction, Reform, Technology