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Chuck E. Greiner (MD '01)


Tulane University

At the time of the Award, Chuck E. Greiner was:

James M. Bennett High School
Salisbury, MD

Biographical Information

Since arriving at James M. Bennett High School in Salisbury, psychology and social sciences teacher Charles Greiner has boosted enrollment in psychology classes threefold. By assigning authentic research projects, encouraging higher-order thinking, and maintaining high expectations, Mr. Greiner motivates each of his students to excel. His constant search for innovative ideas led him to research, propose and locally pilot the county's first Advanced Placement psychology course, and engaged students and staff in a nationally recognized service project, raising over $20,000 to create a Community Memorial Garden honoring fallen youth. As a mentor teacher, Mr. Greiner shares his wealth of best practices and classroom strategies with new educators and has received numerous honors for his instructional and community leadership.

Personal Message

Greetings! I am honored to be a Milken Educator and to have worked with the Youth Foundation on our grant at James M. Bennett High School. I am very interested in how to improve student's learning and also how brain science and technology can be used to dramatically alter the way we teach and children learn. Currently I am very interested in the Montessori Program especially in the High Schools. I have been displaced by Hurricane Katrina and am looking to find a fulfilling and challenging new avenue for my growth and that of students!

Additional Information


1993 Elizabethtown College, B.A.