Connections: Linking Talented Educators
Connections: Linking Talented Educators


  • Spotlight: Nichole Anderson (CA '18)

    March 13, 2019

    As a specialist, computer lab teacher Nichole Anderson (CA ’18) misses having one group of children to focus on all day. But sometimes, more is better: “I get to see so many kids and make them happy.”

  • Spotlight: Sara King (HI '18)

    March 13, 2019

    Sara King (HI ’18) shares with students her holistic, whole-child view of success: “It’s about who you are as a human being and what kind of impact you make on our world and others.”

  • Spotlight: Angie Beavin (KY '18)

    March 13, 2019

    When new students join her fifth-grade class, Angie Beavin (KY ’18) tells them about her own fifth-grade teacher, who went the extra mile to help her adjust to a new school in the middle of the year: “I want them to know I will help them through this change. I want them to feel at home.”

  • Spotlight: Brian Quinn (MD '18)

    March 12, 2019

    Brian Quinn (MD ’18) takes every opportunity to join his students on the basketball court, football field or baseball diamond. “You can teach children a lot while playing,” he says. “They don’t even realize they are learning at the same time.”

  • Spotlight: Krystal Contreras (TX '18)

    March 12, 2019

    In writing “boot camps,” Krystal Contreras (TX '18)’s fourth-graders fix injured “soldiers” (sentences) with punctuation and recite march-style chants about the writing process. “Learning to write is like going to the Army,” Krystal tells her students. “We are going to exercise our brains to get them into shape.”

  • Spotlight: Sarah Compton (WI '18)

    March 11, 2019

    Sarah Compton (WI ’18) values the weekly professional development time she and her colleagues have built into their schedules: “I walk away feeling that I can immediately improve my classroom instruction as a result.”

  • Spotlight: Therese Shain (MO '18)

    March 11, 2019

    Special education teacher Therese Shain (MO ’18) loves working with elementary students because their skills grow in leaps and bounds: “With the right encouragement and support, they get so excited about their learning.”

  • Spotlight: Chad Downs (MI '18)

    March 11, 2019

    Chad Downs (MI ’18) is passing the torch to the next generation: His new Future of Education Scholarship, funded by his Milken Educator Award prize, goes to a high school senior in his hometown who plans to teach.

  • Spotlight: Rachel Tommelleo (DC '18)

    March 8, 2019

    Years in the classroom and as an instructional coach reinforced for Principal Rachel Tommelleo (DC ’18) the tenets she now lives by: the importance of working with urgency, listening to her gut, and putting students’ needs first.

  • Spotlight: Nicole Silva (NJ '18)

    March 7, 2019

    Several times a year, Nicole Silva (NJ ’18) takes her third-graders to meet with local veterans: “Students need to know about our veterans and patriots, and why we have the liberties and rights that we do.”

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